Container services
Container services

Container transportation is a commercial solution that is widely used for long-distance cargo transportation by containers that are commensurate with the cargo. Authorized freight brokers often use containers to ensure that goods reach customers.

The use of standardized containers has changed the transport and cargo industries. Today, transport solutions allow to quickly and safely pack, store and transport containerized cargo by road, by rail and by sea. Standard cargo containers protect product against changes and environmental damage during transportation and storage. Sensitive to due to weather conditions, the fragments can be stored in containers for long-term cooling.

Since we are one of the most efficient container shipping companies, you can rely on the highest level of customer service. We receive positive feedback from our partners, providing faster delivery.

Wagons transportation services
Wagons transportation services

We offer a wide range of cargo transportation services based on our experience in transporting goods by wagons within the country at the regional and international levels.

The organization of wagons transportation by rail is considered as one of the most convenient freight routes in the world. In particular, it is widely used in cases when the amount of cargo is greater than the container capacity or in case of a cargo that cannot be transported by a container route.

The main feature of the wagons - is the presence of special design wagons for various types of liquids, grains and solids. Our qualified specialists are always at your disposal to choose the most suitable wagons from their different types and organize your route.

Logistics solutions
Logistics solutions

In contrast with the other logistics companies, our team offers logistics solutions for you, regardless of your location. We have the opportunity to use several modes of transport or work with proven logistics companies in the country where your cargo is located to organize multimodal cargo transportation for you in full.

With our help, you can pay at one point for the vehicles necessary for sending or delivering your cargo.

Cargo storage and warehouse solutions
Cargo storage and warehouse solutions

The main concern of export-import enterprises is the storage of goods and warehouse solutions that may arise during cargo transportation. Together with our international experience and our reliable partners abroad, we can offer solutions for storing goods in warehouses in accordance with your wishes.

In case of unplanned cargo storage, our team will provide you with the best support and advice on how you can get out of this situation.

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